Final Stage Academy (FSA) was established with the aim of training and equipping Malaysians with the skills and knowledge of game art. We offer participants nurture and guidance from industry experts by equipping them with quality skills and experience and a direct career pathway into the game industry.

Final Stage Academy is a Member of Serious Games Association (Singapore) and Digital Games Research Association DIGRA (Finland). Acceptance to SGA and DIGRA, and maintenance of these memberships, are both an indicator of Final Stage Academy commitment to deliver quality game art training, and of its international profile and reputation. Through these memberships, Final Stage Academy is able to extend its international links and foster closer strategic relationships with affiliated companies, professionals, academics, designers, developers and other individuals in the evolving fields of digital gaming and game studies.

The Game Art Bootcamp offered by Final Stage Academy is endorsed by North Borneo University College. The higher education institution is fully recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the National Accreditation Board of Malaysia (MQA).

Final Stage Academy has also reached an industry-education affiliate partnership agreement with GameLobb and PolyAssets United to provide internship to its graduates. PolyAssets United is a Japanese company which has worked on titles like Mario and Legend of Zelda.

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The Game Art Bootcamp offered by Final Stage Academy is endorsed by North Borneo University College. It is a highly practical and industry- oriented programme designed to ensure you industry-ready for a career in game art. You will be trained by industry experts, obtain in-depth training on the latest software and workflows, and experience real-world projects for your portfolio. Students participating in this bootcamp will learn the following skills and knowledge: ... Read More

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